A - litter

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ADRK-ZN: 2333
ADRK Zuchtstätte
Our puppies have moved into their new home and have settled in there well. We wish you a long and happy dog ​​life.
Our A-litter with your new owners.
Artos von Chassella Artos Aaron von Chassella Aaron Angus von Chassella
Alina von Chassella Angel Alexa von Chassella Alexa Alina von Chassella
Ayk von Chassella Ayk Ambra von Chassella
By now they are already 4 ½ months old.
Angel Angel Ambra Ambra Angus Alina Alina Aaron Alexa Alexa
unfortunately still from Ayk no new picture.
Puppy meeting after 8 months
Artos Artos