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DRV Rottweiler Zwinger
Orlanda von der Pulvermühle have about Greif vom Herrenholz on 10.03.2018 4 males and 4 females born. 1 male search a new home. For more information contact us. You can see pictures of our A - litter on the next page: A - litter (born on March 10, 2018 ADRK e.V.)
Our puppies 6 males and 3 females saw the light of day on 22.08.2019. They are from the mating Orlanda von der Pulvermühle and Bismarck von den Wichtelhäusern. Both parents come from performance breeding and are HD / ED free. Orlanda is JLPP free has the ZTP, IPO 2, multiple V1, CAC, BOB and in 2016 he became Heath Winner. Bismarck is JLPP / N, LÜW = free, heart and eyes = 0, EZA is licensed, has the ZTP, IPO 3, several times V1, Hessensieger and Morsbachtalsieger 2018, Westfalensieger 2019, CAC, BOB and BOS. 2 males are lokking for a new home. If you are interested in a puppy you are welcome to contact us. +49 177/61 24 137
By now they are already 8 weeks old and are slowly moving into their new homes. All our little ones have found a great new home. We wish you all a long and healthy life.