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About us

We, that is Regina, Michael and our dogs.

We live together in Fuldabrück, near Kassel.

On our property we have a double kennel with a free

run for our dogs.

Out dogs have the garden as a place to play and

run around.

In summer they can cool down in the on-site dog pool.

Out dogs are family members and live in our house for the most part.

At any time they can choose where they have their rest periods.

Our main goal is to breed healthy, powerful, mentally strong and standard

confirmed rottweiler.

Deutscher Rottweiler Verein e. V.

We do not breed in the VDH, but our breeding animals are

healthy, strong and powerful. They go through all health


If you are interested in a puppy, just contact us.

We only have our breeding bitches covered if we have enough

interested parties for the Rottweiler breed.