The Name Chassella

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Chassalla or Chassella is a historical term for the town Kassel in the North of Hessia. The name is probably of Latin origin. The 1000-year-anniversary of the city, in 1913, referred to the documentary mention of Chasalla, where King Conrad I. (about 881-918) stayed on 18 February 913. King Conrad I had been Duke of Franconia since 906 (and Count in Hessengau at the same time) and King of eastern Francia. He was the eldest son of Count Conrad (the elder) of Fritzlar from the house of the Conradians. In 913 he married the Swabian count’s daughter Cunegonde. On 18 February 913 King Conrad I. stayed in the fortified court “Chasella” at the Fulda and signed two documents, which are considered the oldest known written documents in the history of the town Kassel. King Conrad I. died in Weilburg on 23 December 918 and was buried in the monastery. His reign marked the transition from the Carolingians to the Ottos. In 1913 an outstanding event took place in Kassel: In September the city celebrated its millennial existence. Kassel was a single dressed up fairground. Since Michael is originally from Franconia and Regina is born in Kassel, the name Chasella was established.
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